I have mixed albums for New Order, The Charlatans, Electronic, Johnny Marr amongst many others. I have also mixed the official motion picture soundtracks for the films Anthropoid and Metro Manila. As well as this I have mixed 5:1 concerts for many artists for DVD release.

I offer an online mixing service, although I am happy to welcome artists into my studio towards the end of the mix for a “fresh ears” perspective if thats preferable. Alternatively I will mix your song and then send over an MP3 for any comments or revisions until you are 100% happy with the mix.

My studio has some great analogue equipment, including some very rare BBC radiophonic workshop era valve gear. The results in my room compare favourably with mixes I have done in world class recording studios. For me mixing is all about the vibe; it’s a privilege to have a song in front of me on the console and to make it sound awesome for a living…I love it!

Simply get in touch and let me know what your requirements are and we can talk about what you are wanting to achieve. I will quote you a price, taking into account amount of tracks, length of song etc. and if you are unsigned I will offer a reduced rate.


Online mixing


  • Neve Cambridge summing mixer
  • Neve 1073 mi/line preamp and EQ
  • Kingswood warren vertical type B valve mixing console
  • Cartec Valve equalizer
  • Neve 1081 mic/Line/HiZ preamp and EQ
  • Empirical Labs Distressor (Brit mod)
  • Blackface 1176 type limiter/compressor
  • Scamp rack of Drawmer and Audio Design signal processing and dynamics
  • BBC valve mic preamp
  • Genelec 1030a nearfield monitors/Yamah NS10(powered by Quad amplifier)
  • Roland RE-501 Chorus echo
  • Lexicon LXP-15
  • 4 channel PYE mic amps x2
  • UAD2 processing, including Neve 88rs, Manley Massive Passive mastering EQ, Fairchild, Urei 1176SE, Urei 1176LN, EMT 140 Plate,  Studer A800 and many more
  • Pro tools 10
  • Logic X
  • Huge array of plugins including SoundToys, Slate, Valhalla plus too many others to mention!

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