Pre production

A vital part of production is the pre-production process.  This saves money on studio time, and means when you go into the studio to record you can concentrate on performing rather than changing the song structure and parts.

Every time I produce a track I arrange visits to the rehearsal studio to meet the band or artist. If it’s preferable I can go over production ideas with the artist in my studio. This is the time to look at arrangements, refine parts and generally make sure the track is ready to record.

Uk Music ProducerRecording

Once in the studio I like to record the music as live as possible. I love to record music live as it helps to really capture the spirit of the song.

Once the live recording is in the bag, move on to overdubbing and replacing anything that could be improved. This is often carried out in my studio, which keeps costs down and and eases the pressure on the artist; time pressure can hinder performances, and having my own room takes away the stress of having to deliver against a ticking clock.

It’s important to me that the performances are bullet proof. The artist always finishes the recording process feeling 100% confident in what they’ve put down. I believe my experience helps put the artist at ease and helps induce the best from them.

My studio is The Radiophonic studio based in Manchester’s Eve Studios,  a wonderland of recording equipment and acoustic spaces.

The Radiophonic Studio reflects the quality and recording philosophy associated with Eve, is self contained with a small live space suitable for recording vocals or guitars.

Next door is Eve Studio One, which is fully residential for out of town bands. Eve studio is a fantastic place to record bands and live drums, with a great sounding live room.  The studio is equipped with an amazing sounding 1960’s Slingerland drum kit, hammond organ, several guitar amps, 3 piano’s  plus loads of other keyboards and instruments.